Friday, March 2, 2007

Swan Brooner, Living Dolls Pageant Documentary

Ever since it first screened here I have been SUCH a fan of the pageant documentary Painted Babies starring Asia Mansur and Brooke Breedwell. I even have back up copies just incase! Such is my, some may say morbid fascination with this documentary so frequent my lament that I so wished there were more such documentaries I am still in utter disbelief that it took me this long to actually take a look and see if there were indeed any other such documentaries! I mean for heavens sake I spend every day at my computer - what on earth was stopping me from typing in a few simple search terms. Sooo you can imagine my excitment when I did just that and came up with the pageant documentary Living Dolls, starring Swan Brooner - definitely darker than good ole Painted Babies but ohhhhhhhhhh so utterly excellent to watch but so sad what happened afterwards.... Sources tell me that there is another documentary I'd love called The Competition or maybe just competition - I've been searching, don't you worry but to no avail - arrrgghhh the thrill of the chase NOT! Anyway I've found out lots about Asia, Brooke and Swan in my travels so I'll tell you all about it....soon :)

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