Thursday, May 10, 2007


Also die Em von Sugarsweetboutique hat mich getaggt (wenn das überhaupt ein Wort ist!!!) Ich soll sieben Dinge über mich erklären! mmmmm okay
1. Mein erter Studiengang war Informatik!
2. Ich war 21, als ich mit Deutsch angefangen habe.
3. Ich bin ehemahlige Balletlehrerin
4. Ich will eines Tages Grundschullehrerin werden
5. Ich habe 17 Jahre lang eine Brille oder Linsen getragen aber letztes Jahr wurde es operiet und jetzt kann ich SEHEN!
6. Aufräumen und putzen mache ich so gut wie nie!
7. Ich bin ehemahlige Dozentin, habe an der Uni Karlsruhe und an der Uni Bonn studiert und habe die Doktorwürde verliehen bekommen.

The ever fabulous Em of sugar*sweet*boutique tagged me to tell seven things about myself! so here you go....
1. The first course I studies at Uni was a Businesss IT course - ick ick ick ick ugggggghhhhhhh!
2. I only started learning German when I was 21 (after aforementioned IT course)
3. I used to teach Ballet.
4. I want to be a Primary (Grade School) teacher one day.
5. For 17 years I wore glasses and contacts but last year I had my eyes lasered BABY!! Talk about the ulitmate in surgery. Went in Friday 4pm, by Saturday 9am I was a fully fleged sighted person with better than 20/20 vision!!!!
6. I rarely clean or tidy.
7. I used to be a University lectuer and have my PhD - (so you can call me Dr Cree from now on :) )

Okay I tag Jen and Robin and Susan


Jen Shults said...

Okay, I posted! I didn't know you taught ballet! That's so cool! :)

Now I'm tagging you back. :)


Tayasmama said...

Woo Hoo Dr. Cree!!!! That is SO awesome :) You are such a neat person Cree :)


Claudia said...

Hey Dr. Cree
das ist ja interessant.
Das hast du mir verschwiegen.

Brigitte said...

aber Hallo Cree!!!!!!!, was für ein Werdegang"staun"


Steffi said...

Wow,Dr.Cree!It´s very interesting to read about your life!


nic said...

Hello, your worshipfulness Dr. Cree! So was it difficult acquiring a new language at 21? I'd lovvvve to learn a second language, but I'm 30 and it seems like I can't even remember English these days. but really. :)

Unknown said...

Cree, you are one of the most fascinating people I know :)


couture*4*my*cutie said...

Hey Cree, I had my eyes done with Lasik too! I absolutely love it and I also have better then 20/20 vision!