Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Toot Toot Tuesday

Und heute ist wieder TOOT TOOT Tuesday. Also diese Woche habe ich ein neues Kleid für Hettie bekommen! Höchte Qualität und Hettie und Mama lieben es!!! Dieses Kleid hier hat meine erstes TOOT bekommen. Ich bin seit lange ein großer Fan von der Applikation dieser Frau hier . TOOT TOOT!

Time for TOOT TOOT Tuesday! This week I was lucky enough to recieve a rather exciting package in the mail - THIS fabulous dress - amazing quality - just perfect and Hettie (and I) naturally love it to bits! So my first TOOT goes to you sweet Dayna. And my second TOOT this week is for Pix - for this, and well for all her applique really - I am a hopeless fan - plus who can go past those pictures!!!!


Natalee said...

Hey! We bought the exact same dress...and Reagi is wearing it right now! Could you please fly here at once and we can take some "twin" pictures???LOL! It IS adorable isn't it?:) Dayna is awesome....

It's Me: Jennie said...

We loooove Dayna's knit dresses too, aren't they so comfy & oh so cute!!!! Thanks Cree for giving Dayna a much deserved "Toot"!

Sweet Sunshine Boutique

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Those are both adorable!


Michelle said...

How cute are those??? Love them both!