Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cindy Lou Who!??

A short intermission from the curl chronicals to report on my latest mad cap hair experiment - Cindy Lou's hairstyle. I didn't want to go the full gell/product/blow dry but I was pretty pleased with the end result which was actually quite quick. Hettie's hair was pretty wild so used that to build my little bobble on top of the head.

So first step was the T-part with a high pony and then two braids at the side of the head. Loop these up and secure them. I sewed them into place with pink ribbon but pins would do just as well.

Then I took out a small section at the front of the pony and pulled the rest halfway through. Hettie's hair worked great for this because it was so knotty like I had ratted it - so if you were working with silky smooth hair you would need to do something to it to get some volume.

I then took a pipe cleaner and poked into down into the pony so that it stood up in front of the pony. I wound the bit of hair round the pipe cleaner and then folded it back down and poked it into the pony. You could still see it at the back but I didn't think that mattered all that much.
- a red bow helped hold the pipe cleaner to the bobble at the back.

And yep I guess you can guess what came next - some photos! I'll post a link to this set when I've got it up and listed. Here you go, you can see more here. And those fab over the knee socks? I got them from this lovely here.


Devri said...

You never cease to amaze me!!!
By the way tried the rag curl last night, it turned amazing, can't wait to post about them, of course and give you credit ;)

Beate said...

Klasse! Als ich die Frisur sah, dachte ich gleich an den Grinch. Und tatsächlich, er/sie ist es! Die Kombination und die Frisur ist einfach genial!

LG Beate

Angel said...

I am totally amazed by your talent. From designing/creating to hair. Amazing!!!

I love the set and Hettie is just adorable!

Steffi said...

That´s a wonderful outfit!I love it!

Brenbren said...

you are amazing. i can't believe how creative you are. thanks for the great ideas