Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pigtail challenge - day 3 & 4

I had a dinner engagement last night so I missed posting day 3 of the pigtail challenge. So here is day 3. Start with the 4 ponies as laid out in the challenge. Once again I did 2 small ones at the front and 2 bigger ones at the back. Divide both the little ponies in two. Two smaller sections in the middle. Combine the two smaller section so that you effectively have three strands to braid. Braid back toward the bigger piggies and when you get closer, split in half again and attach into the big piggies with elastics. Fulfills all the requirements - simple, quick but still super cool!

And day 4 I decided to reverse things to shake it up a bit. I stuck with the same config of piggies - two smaller ones at the front and two bigger ones at the back. Rather than adding the little piggies into the bigger ones as is the general way of doing things, do the opposite. So take the bigger piggies, cross them over and then elastic them onto the two smaller piggies at the front. Because of the size difference you will find the the elastics won't overlap but it results in a cool criss cross look. And I love the funky piggies at the front of the head. This would also look fab with messy piggies.


Nickie said...

Woman, you are ridiculous, and my new hero. I wish I had this kind of talent, you are truly amazing!
Thanks for the hair ideas, you blow me away, you're so creative!

Brigitte said...

sieht auch zu süß aus

und ich bewundere deine Maus noch immer, dass sie deine Ftrisurenexperimente so mitmacht und stillhält :O)

liebe Grüße

Clara said...

Cree-love seeing your tutorials!!!

Crafty Mama said...

Cree, you are so very clever! You have inspired me to try some of these on Lil's thick mop of hair..wish me luck!