Friday, September 12, 2008

Pigtail challenge summary

So last week I set myself a little pigtail challenge. I was allowed 4 pigtails (exactly) and the style had to be fast, easy but still cool. it was a great exercise for me to see how many variations are possible and it was lots of fun to have specific guidelines so I will definitely do it again...just need to think up some new guidelines. Any suggestions gratefully recieved. I nowhere near exhausted all the possibile variations on these styles. So my last pigtail style is a bit hard to see but I did pull throughs on the little piggies at the front and then did high braids for the back two piggies. By the end of the day it had fluffed out nicely and looked very 50's which pleased me no end!

Here is the last style and then below a summary of all the pigtail challenge styles. If you want to go back and see all the styles just click on pigtail challenge over there on my labels in the sidebar.

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Unknown said...

Very crafty:) As a mom of 2 girls, they are peeking over my shoulder and placing orders for new syles!