Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to do a sock ballet bun also great for Princess Hair

When I first started posting sytles for ballet I thought..mmm you know there aren't all THAT many - but I have surprised myself. So today we are going to talk about the sock bun - great for ballet buns and also fantabulous for Cinderella and any Princess style hair really. You can buy "donuts" for this style - they look like this

but can be kinda pricey sometimes and you can make them from a sock!
The size of the sock will determine the size of the bun - this is an especially handy style for little girls who need ballet buns and who don't have much hair - in that case you could just use a stocking and make a really small donut in a colour similar to the hair - that way you can still get a really nice ballet bun. Today I used a pink and white sock - as that is what I had lying around.

To start with you need to cut the foot out so that you just have a tube.

Start rolling the sock up.

Keep going until you get almost to the top.

Then turn the sock back down on itself to make a donut.

Once you've done that you can get to work on your style. A high pony works really well for Cinderella styles but otherwise you can pop the pony anywhere you like. I have chosen to do a T-part this time - so the bulk of the hair is up in a high pony and there are two loose bits at the front.

I took one side and twisted it and secured it into the pony but left the other side free for later. There are loads of possibilities for the front part. You can pull it all up into the pony - you can do a side part at the front for a true Cinderella look, just really anything you like.

So once you have your pony in place you place your sock donut over it like so.]

Then you take an elastic and smooth the hair out over the sock and secure it in place with the elastic - try to choose a colour that will blend in.

Now with the next part you can be very neat or a bit messy. Take the hair and wrap it round you bun, you can either try to hide it by pinning it firmly in place or leave it a bit looser and make a feature of it like I have. If you are doing this style for a ballet performance or exam, i would recommend using gel and pinning the hair in place round the sock very neatly. Otherwise, you can fluff it out a bit for a real Princess look.
Then I took the last front part and wrapped in under the bun, twisted it round and pinned it into place. You could easily do this with both sides.
This is what it looks like from the top. If you were going to ballet you could pop a hairnet over the whole thing.

Today I finished off with a velvet ribbon around the bun and a tiara!


Brigitte said...

so ein Teil hatte ich früher auch mal :O))))

Wieder eine süße Frisur, deiner Maus stehen Steckfrisuren sehr gut !!

liebe Grüße

Devri said...

way cute idea!! My dd's have way too much hair so I do this with there own hair, no sock needed at our house!!!!! ;0)

You are such a fun mom, nothing like a tierra in the hair for a princess!!!!

Explore & Grow said...

Love your blog!