Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Hairstyle, new Bowznstuff

Well Bowznstuff officially closed for the holidays today - how exciting is that!? Well for me at least. So that means time for some holiday preparations, a few lunches with friends and some more blogging :) Tee hee - today I put the last finishing touch on the last outfit and it is all going out tomorrow! Yipppeeeee! We even had to squeeze in a last minute dance costume but it is all finished now! So to start hair. Something nice and simple, pigtailsl with tiara.
Start with a centre part and then T-part the front.

Place the back part into pigtails. Then take one side of the front of the hair and twist it toward the head. Keep twisting until you are underneath the pigtail. I secured it tempororaily with an alligator clip. Repeat with the other side and then secure the two together with an elastic - isn't that pretty? I like that it looks like a tiara -its fun, simple and easy to wear for everyday - doesn't take much more time that normal piggies.

And in sewing news I had just enough time for one last Bowznstuff one of a kind. The fabulous Feliz dress by Nancy Langdon - with just a little bit of applique! You can see more
here and the bows at a .99 cent start here. The Baker's hat is a free download from here


Girly Do Hairstyles said...

Very cute! I'll be looking forward to the new year with you. Have a nice break. And the link for the hats didn't work. If you can send me that link I'd be grateful.

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Honestly, where do you get your creativity? I'm so jealous. You are fiercely talented. Such cute stuff. Enjoy your time off & I look forward to seeing what other amazing things you come up with. Hope you're enjoying your warmer weather down there! :)