Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Do, New Listing, hopefully no new directions

First up I was very heartened to read on my fellow hair bloggers sites about the new laws and how they will affect us all - I have been very focussed on the effect on the boutique custom world, but the potential is so much greater than that. Check out Hair Today and Girly Do's and Rockin Shorty for some more detailed explanations and the appropriate links where you can do something to help.

A new do for today - something simple and based on, you guessed it LOL the side pony! Start with a diagonal part on just the front section of the head. Pin this hair to keep it out of the way and sweep the rest up into a side pony.

Then take the diagonal parted hair and do a single twist and secure it into the side pony.

I finished with a home made flower comb - pretty cute hey!

Also making hay whilst the sun still shines - I've listed a very popular Bowznstuff collection - you can see more here, here and here.

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Girly Do Hairstyles said...

You are so fantastic. And I am so glad you are back in the swing of things doing so well again. I didn't get to comment to all that happened over your Christmas (so sorry ((hug))) I read it all from my husbands cell phone but commenting is very hard on that thing. But I am glad you are doing well and creating and being fabulous you.