Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starting School

ah yes I had grand grand plans for my "Back to School" post - loaded with sweet pictures of two angelic looking children, all spick and span with shiny cheeks ready to go back to school. Perhaps one as they walk off through the gate with their oversized school bags on their back (well we normally are lazy and drive but a little artistic license if you please) However, although I was quite excited about he prospect of back to school, one of my children was clearly not -she didn't want to get out of bed, much less have breakfast or get dressed and as for taking photos - well I think this face says it all. (Please also excuse my rather crooked part mmmmmm.)

So we had to opt for the second day at school photos! We did much better but I must ask you to excuse Loughie's dorky shorts - what can I say, they looked cute when he was 5 but these days - well I think we could dispense with the tucked in shirt - maybe a bigger pair......

The first two days at school were enjoyed by all and when I asked Hettie if she was exicted to be going back for the second day...well I think THIS face says it all too!


Devri said...

OH my goodness I have missed a million posts.

back tracking here. I loved all your stuff you have came out with I specially heart the easter one though.

I can't stand it when I kids grow up.. wish they could just stay small fo evah!!

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Very cute. I think kids always have a second agenda from what we want ... especially those "proud parent moments." We have several major grumpy faces in pictures that I had such high hopes for! Glad to see the 2nd day of school was so much better!