Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to School, Red Ribbon, a new Blog and a Bowznstuff Collab!

Wow that's a LONG title! Still there has been alot going on here the past few days. First up, school is back after our 2 week term break. Second term means Winter Uniform which was kind of a big thing here. Loughie is finally allowed to graduate from shorts to long pants - archaic I know but there you go. And Hettie, her first year in big school marks the transition to the ugliest and I mean THE ugliest tracksuit, training suit, leisure suit, whatever it is you want to call the horrid thing to a tunic and shirt with puff sleeves!!!!!

Now red ribbon - yes this really did get my goat today - for some reason, when I reach into my ribbon stash for the big ole roll of red ribbon it always ends in tears! Bows have been known to fly across the room, they always get pulled apart and put back together! It is a proved FACT that red ribbon is just harder to work with than other kinds. If its got spots - FINE, just fine but just regular red ribbon, it must be the dye - it is sort of soft and whimpy and gives me the PIP!

Right now that that is out of my system, on to a much more cheerful topic - a new blog. Over the past four years I have spent a good deal of my time involved in the Boutique Custom Community. I love it, it fascinates and excites me, so much so that I decided a few months back to embark on a new project - a brand new celebrity style blog especially designed for the boutique custom community and boy has it been fun - WORK but fun! This is Boutique provides up to the minute news and gossip about the Boutique Custom Community. It is designed to showcase designers, inform, amuse and market. So if you are at all interested in the world that is Boutique Custom - head on over and check it out - you are sure to find something fun! Click here to see more.

Its also listing day for Bowznstuff - and what could be MORE fun than a Bowznstuff listing? Why a Bownstuff collaboration - thats what - and this one is fab. Pixie*dust*studio, creme*de*la*gems, sweettoesboutique AND Bowznstuff present to you a little Fairy straight from Kathy's imagination...stay tuned to see more but here is a sneaky peak!

Oh and before I forget, Sugar3 is having a FAB giveaway - its almost over but there is still time. You could win this! Just head on over here and leave a comment.


Girly Do Hairstyles said...

Oh Cree- you are amazing. I love the new website. I think I'll head back over there and poke around for a while.

Princess Hairstyles said...

Sorry about the uniform! It's too bad she can't wear YOUR cute designs to school. (I think you could do a *little* better, lol.) I'm heading over to check out your new website right now!