Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowznstuff Boutique Custom Twilight and Queen fun!

The ole machines back at Bowznstuff headquaters have been working overtime the past few days! Two very different themes, both adding up to a load of boutique custom fun! The first is part of the Ebay Steampunk launch. I chose Alice in Wonderland as my leitmotif to create this fabulous Boutique Custom Queen of Hearts set - just the thing for a trip to Disney, straight from an era of corsets and bustles, fancy hats and time travel ambitions. You can see my set here and the rest of the Boutique Custom Steampunk creations right here.

Also my Sugar3 friends and I have been cooking up a Twilight collab for sometime now. I originally read Twilight whilst in hopsital last December - it was the PERFECT place to read the series - confined to my bed with nothing but time to read, read, fall in love with Edward and then Jacob and then Edward again and then read some more - fabulous! You can see my Twilight creations here and all the other Twilight Sugar, Edward and Bella Tote, Edward in Training boutique custom boys set and Twilight jewels right here.

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Anonymous said...

how cute are your outfits! They look like a lot of fun!