Friday, February 4, 2011

First day at high school

The original plan was to homeschool Loughie this year but things most certainly don't always go to plan do they!? Last year he auditioned for the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. VCASS provides an internationally recognised specialist program for the training of talented young dancers and musicians. Students at VCA Secondary School spend approximately half of their day in their academic studies and half of their day in their specialist area. This means that the workload is heavy and the very significant scholarship gained by students who achieve entry to the school means that they have a high level of obligation towards excellence in all areas. On any given day Loughie does either dance in the morning and academic in the afternoon or vice versa. As well as the dance and music students, specialist gymnasts, divers and Australian Ballet School students also attend the VCA for their academic schooling. You can imagine how proud we were when he was one of just 4 boys accepted into the dance program for year 7. Here is is on his first day.

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