Thursday, July 24, 2008

The pieces of my life

At any given time, I have..well any number of projects on the go - and that is just sewing projects I am talking of. I was working on three different things the other day and thought it might just be interesting to get a little glimpse into each of them. Some of you might know what these things are...I'd love to hear your guesses! And coming up on the Bowznstuff Blog...some intriguing changes AND a Blog giveaway with a difference..... Stay tuned

Ich arbeite immer an viele verschiedene Projekte. So ist das Leben. Gestern war es ein ganz noramler Bowznstuff Tag und es ist mir eingefallen, daß es wäre vielleicht interessant, mein Tag zu erleben. Also am Dienstag habe ich an drei verschiedene Nahprojekte gearbeitet. Was sind die????? Demnächst im Blog...etwas neues....und Geschenke für euch.........Bleibt dran!

First up...something green
Etwas grünes

And something doubled!!!
Etwas hat sich verdoppelt

And then something...well interesting to say the least!

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Anonymous said...

Well here are my guesses...

1. The something green has to do with a Halloween outfit - maybe eyes for a witch or Frankenstein.

2. A denim set with a lovely petal skirt. I LOVE that fabric by the way.

3. Are those plans for a new house by chance?? Just kidding - a purse perhaps?

4. That is definitely a Luxe winter outfit that will surely be to die for.