Monday, August 18, 2008

Beehive mark II & Fall - ing in love

Sorry Sorry sorry - I've been away - blame the Olympics! Who can drag themselves away!!! But that does not mean I haven't been busy - you can still sew and watch the television! is my very first Feliz! It is as has been widely reported and über dress - Nancy - you are a superstar! Also those owls...I found the drawings for them here. I am such a fan! You can see more here. Also a today a new beehive interpretation, which is also featured in the auction pictures. This one is becomming a bit of a fav around here - simple but looks cool and I really like the way it extends the hair showing it from right on top of the head right down to the bottom of the braids - a great line.

Tut mir leid, daß es etwas ruhig im Blog gewesen war - ich bin wieder hier. Die olympischen Spiele sind Schuld daran! Aber felißig bin ich trotzdem gewesen. Man kann gleichzeitig nähen und fernsehen oder! Heute mein erstes Feliz! Danke Nancy - das Kleid, ist wie alle sagte, zauberhaft schön. Die Zeicghnungen für die Eulen habe ich hier gefunden. Heute gibt es auch eine neue Frisur. Sieht kompliziert aus aber ist eigentlich sehr einfach. Mehr kann man hier sehen.

So to begin, divide the hair into three section - you can experiment with how big each of these sections are - it works really well with a teensie tiny front section but this time I made the front a bit bigger and that worked too. So you have a front section, a mid section and a back section. Pop the front section in a side pony and the mid section in a pony high up on the head.

The secure the front pony into the middle pony and do a half pull through on the last pass through the elastic. Fan the hair out a bit so you have a nice high beehive-esque look on top of the head.

To end with do two braids in the third section of the hair - pretty cool hey!


Princess Hairstyles said...

I really really like this hairstyle, and it looks quick! The outfit is adorable as well.

Brigitte said...

meine liebe Cree , mit diesem Felizkleidchen hast du dich selbst übertroffen. Ein Traumkleid , wunder-wunderschön und die Frisur dazu, himmlisch schön

liebe Grüße

Beate said...

Du bist ja eine wahre Frisurenkünstlerin!!! Und das Eulenkleidchen ist prima geworden!!

Ach ja, dein neues Blogoutfit gefällt mir sehr gut!!!

LG Beate

Debbie said...

Love the new hairstyle and I can't wait to get my hands on Feliz - I'm patiently watching the mail every day! You did a fantastic job.

Kari said...

Cute hairstyle idea! You are always thinking outside the box and combining things ~ I love it! I am still in awe at all the beautiful outfits you make. My computer has been broken and while I have access to another one I am playing a quick game of catch-up.

nic said...

you do nancy proud, girl--i really love that dress. :)