Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to do Ballet Hair and Cindy Brady corkscrew twist pigtails

Lots to report on today! First up a new tutorial on another ballet style but on the way to it there are several cute possibilities for everyday styles.

Start off with a T-part at the front so that you have two sections left loose - these will form the twists. The centre part the back section of the hair and do two high piggies.

Now you are going to do twists with the front section. Brush the hair neatly off the face and then start twisting inwards. Once you get just past the elastic of the piggie, stop and secure it onto the pigtail with an additional elastic. Now you could stop there, twists with piggies - pretty cute hey!

Now this would work just as well with braids but today I am going to do what i call a rope but I think the other name is cooler - the corkscrew! To start your corkscrew divide the pigtail into two sections and one at a time twist each section IN THE SAME DIRECTION. It may take a little practice to hold onto one while you twist the other, but after a while its a cinch. Now the trick of the rope/corkscrew is to twist the two sections in the OPPOSITE direction to the one in which you twisted your two sections. So if you twited the two sections to the right then you must wind the two around each other to the left - otherwise you will unravel. I find a handy hint here is to keep a firm hold of the bottom of your two individual twists and just keep passing them over each other. At first it will look a bit messy but as you keep going it will start to twist up nicely. The temptation is to move your hand up to the top of the piggie in order to get a nice neat twist but when you do this the danger is that your individuals will unravel. Once you get to the bottom, keep on passing over so you really wind our corkscrew up. That way it has a bit of flexibility when it works it way out a bit when you put your elastic on the bottom.

So there you go, another cute style - twists into piggies with corkscrews!

However it was ballet today so time for a ballet style. Again this would work really well with braids. Take one piggie and place it on top of the head, winding it over the top and under the piggie on the other side. Depending on how long the hair is you might be able to go for a few wraps. Hettie's only just reaches round the other piggie. Repeat with the other piggie but this time go under and over the piggie on the other side. Secure with bun pins or bobby pins will work for this too.

Now as Hettie's hair isn't all that long, it looked a bit messy in the middle - this doesn't happen with longer hair as you have more hair to fill up the hole. However, as all good hair people will tell you, when faced with a little messy bit, the best solution is disguise! So I popped a bow right in the middle and it now only hid the messy middle but looked cute too - a win win!

Hettie wore her hair in with the piggie tails down today and I rediscovered on of my most coveted items as a child. Seeing that I make bows I don't buy very many store bought accessories for Hettie. However when I saw these I couldnt' resist - we called them bobbles when I was little and oh how I wanted some. A girl in my class had an entire colour range and every day I would look at them and wish wish wish I had bobbles too! I must say I am loving them with this twisty piggie hair style - takes me straight back to the 70's - very Cindy Brady esque!


einchen said...

mensch, deine frisuren sind immer ein kracher!!!! wow!!!

lg einchen

Princess Hairstyles said...

Adorable, as usual!!

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Very fun. I remember those bobble thingy's too -- Never had too many of them though. Very cute stuff.

Kari said...

So cute! I love the twists up front! So many great ideas!

Steffi said...

Cute hairs again! That´s my favourite!Very cute!

nic said...

ok, it's official. you are the funnest mom ever.