Monday, August 25, 2008

Updos and owls!

Sorry for the lack of posting - we've all been sick and I think I'm coming down with it now so I may disappear again! So this is a rather cool do with lots of possibilities! To start with you need three sections, a small one at the front, a bigger one in the middle and then a smaller section at the back. Start by putting the front section in a side pony and then doing a nice high pony with the middle section. Then take the back of the hair and twist it round. You can either pin this in place near the pony or add it in with an elastic which is what I did this time. So it looks a bit like a French roll.

Then take the hair from the middle pony and wrap it round as if you are doing a bun but leave the end unsecured so that it is a messy bun. Go round the bit of hair that is sticking up from the twist. Use pins to secure it, making sure to poke the pin in in one direction and then pushing it fully in parrallel to the head. Hettie's hair has lots of curls on the ends but I'm sure it would look fab with straight hair or you could curl it. Once you have this part arranged nicely - take the little pony at the front and twist it around it the same way, again leaving the end free to give a nice messy updo look.

And voila!

This hairdo is very versatile. You can skip the bun part and just have it as a pony which was a great do for gymastics today. Or on Saturday, i popped a bun net over the bun and secured all the ends to make a great ballet do - I didn't snap any pictures but I will try to next week!

Also today - one of the most popular pieces of Bowznstuff ever! THE Owl set - you can see more of that here.

Tut mir leid, daß ich seit Tagen nicht mehr hier bin. Die Kinder sind krank und ich meine ich werde auch erkältet aber jetzt bin ich hier! Heute eine neue Frisur UND eine neue Kombi. Mehr kann man hier sehen.


* said...

OMG, that hair is sooo beautiful!
The outfit is adorable too ;)

Frileluna said...

Traumhaft wie du alles machst. Du hast wirklich eine Hand für alles. Die Frisuren schaue ich mir auch immer sehr gerne an. Leider mag Lea das durch kämmen überhaupt nicht so gerne.

Ich wünsche euch gute Besserung. GLG Frieda

Designer Roundup said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you are featured on the Designer Roundup blog!

Here is the link if you wanna check it out:


Jenn said...

CUte cute-- as always!!

Nickie said...

You are ridiculous woman! I totally love love love you stuff. I need a talent! I don't have one so I have to go to these blogs and admire others.
Keep up the awesome work, you totally rock my world!