Monday, August 11, 2008

Witches and Puffy Braids

A new hairstyle today - well not new as such but I tried a different part, a V-part rather than the T-part. I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. If I had had time I would have done a few more rows - you could experiement more maybe parting into the centre of the head and then back out down to the back. Hettie's hair is soo tightly curled at the back that it is a) super hard to put it into little elastics and b) I feel too bad squishing all those beautiful ringlets!

On the sewing front - a new set today - stripes was my theme, I started with some stipey leggings, and then worked with a cobweb theme - pretty cool! You can see more here.

Heute eine neue Frisur. Diesmal habe ich das Haar anders gescheitelt. Und ich bin auch mit dem Nähen fleißig gewesen - eine neue Hexenkombi! Ich habe mit dem Thema Streifen gearbeitet. Es hat mir besonders viel Spaß gemacht, die Spinnwebe auf der Weste zu nähen. Mehr kann man hier sehen.


Brigitte said...

zauberhaft , das ist ja wunderschön !!!!

liebe Grüße

Kari said...

Looks darling! I love changing the shape of the section rather than just a rectangle. She definitely has beautiful curls!


eine tolle Hexenkombi ... gefällt mir suuuper gut :o)

Und diese Haarstyles ...Klasse

GVLG Soffel

P.S: dein neues Blogoutfit gefällt mir super, bin aber auch nicht mehr in der Linkliste drin

nic said...

her poses are superb, cree...i just love that girl!