Friday, September 26, 2008

Curl Chronicals continued and Santa's little helper.

Oh yes oh yes it is that time again...the curl chronicals! I have not one but TWO curling methods to report on today. The first is one I coveted as a young girl. Sitting at ballet competitions the tapping girls always had these and how how I wanted some. For one reason or other, I never purchased any in all these years, but seeing as it was part of my ahem scientific endevour, I thought I might finally splash out and buy a pack! You know the ones, these foam bendy curlers.

I tried two ways one round and one straight. I had such high hopes for these after wanting some for so long - and yes they did produce a nice curl, but just not the kind I thought they would - I had trouble getting the hair tight enough for a true spiral.. I put 3 in but one fell out - partly user error partly roller fault. You can see the curl that resulted was quite different from the tight spiral of the rag more a soft bouncy curl - so still very nice just different to how I thought.
Here is straight out of the roller.

and here it is separated out a bit.
The second is my all time FAV curl method. Some time in the mid 80's I discovered a basket of these foam thingies in the hair section of my local department store - I am still not sure exactly what they were supposed to be - some sort of 80's answer to the trash tie perhaps? Anyway they are foam with wire in the middle and funky slinky fabric covering the whole thing - part of that whole 80's hair device, along with the banana clip and all that jazz. Anyway I dug down deep into my bag of scrunchies and extra wide lace and retrieved what were left of these - I think I've thrown a few out over the years (silly silly me) but I still have a few. Whatever they were designed for they make the world's best curlers. The theory is the same as the foam ones above but as they are soft you can really wrap that hair tight and they are super easy to secure.

So here we are after a nights sleep.
Here is is with the ends unwound, you can see a bit better how they look - this one is a rather fetching black and sliver - my other ones are bright fluro colours.

Just check out that curl baby!
And separated they look super dooper too.

I finished off with the same style as the last post - fat worms pinned up into an elegant half up do!

On the topic of curls, I started to do a little research (read mindless surfing) last night and found these - has anyone ever tried them? I may have to get some for the cuteness factor alone!

In other developments - a smashing new outfit - Santa's little helper - it makes me giggle! You can see more here.

Heute gibt es eine neue Weihnachtskombi. Das ist nämlich das Strandkleid Uta aber ich habe es anders gesäumt - gefällt mir ganz gut! Mehr kann man hier sehen.


2Shaye ♪♫ said...

First, I LOOOOOOVE the outfit. Darling! All of your styles look so yummy that they make me hungry. LOL! I know it sounds funny, but it's true. Actually, your whole blog makes me salivate. It looks like playland and I'm totally back in my childhood again.

Second, those foamy curlers look like some heat-set ones I bought WAY back in the day. They were pink and purple--all soft and gushy to the touch, but hot, hot, hot and you wound the hair and then bent the curler. I wonder what I ever did with those!!!!

I love your curling project. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!!

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Very fun. Those Tai things are crazy... wonder if they really work! So is Hettie just playing with the rubber gloves, or do they serve a purpose in your hair doing! hahah! Darling curls. I wonder if they'd do the same thing in my straight girly's hair? You always do such fun stuff.

Princess Hairstyles said...

I'm wondering if you can still find those foam thingies somewhere. They look like they would work really well even on stick straight hair! I'll have to look around.

Devri said...

I am doing a giveaway. If you shout me out and you have the most people come over, you get 5 custom bows....