Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bowznstuff Book Reviews

Ugh I am ill AGAIN - I feel sometimes like all I have done this year is tell you all that I am ill - but there you go - ill again - awful sore throat. However I will soldier on. Today I thought I might start on my Bowznstuff Book Review series - review of hair books that I have. I will start with the book that began it all - I stumbled across this one I think in my late teens - and I LOVED it. I think it would make an awesome gift for a tween/teen. I have an older vesion but the contents are the same.

So the book is called Braids and Bows by Anne Akers Johnson & Robin Stoneking and is published by Klutz so you get some groovy little things along with it - I got mine so many years ago I can't remember what they were - but I do recall that there was some very cool ribbon and some barrettes - all the bits and pieces that you need to make the cool hair accessories in the book. Here it is on Amazon.

The book starts with basic hair care tips and moves onto parting. And then we get right into some styles. The styles covered are

Pollyanna Knot
French Ponytail
Flip through
Basic Bun
Basic Braid
Ribbon Braid
Braided Bun
Heidi Braid
Braided Tiara
The Rope
The Fishtail
French Braid
Anne Braid
French over
Inside out French
French Rope

All the styles have illustrations and good instructions - BUT there are also lots and lots of instructions for making hair accessories...included are...wreaths, rosettes, confetti bow, ripples, ponygirl bow, pouf, caterpillar, loopies, scrunchie, ribbon ruffle, baloony bow, headbands, faux bow.

It really is a very good book - and although by the time I got it I already knew most of the styles, I still got alot of enjoyment out of it plus it taught me alot about bows. At the end of the day most of the info in it can be found on our very own hair blogs but it is still a nice package and if you are looking for a gift for a tween or teen that likes to mess about with hair then really you can't go wrong!

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