Monday, October 6, 2008

Fairy Twinkletoes - the party!

What a day!!! Hettie's party has come and been and what fabulous time we had! I love to decorate, I love all the planning but I get a bit nervous about parties and the actual event - how to entertain the kids etc etc. Hettie has said for almost a year that for her party - which is the first she has had - she wanted a fairy to come to her house. And so it came that Fairy Twinkletoes arrived today in a dress that even made me gasp! It has been quite the build up, with Fairy Twinkletoes sending a personlized note to Hettie some weeks before the party and even speaking to her on the phone a few days ago. It really was the most perfect party I could have imagined - Fairy Twinkletoes had the kids shrieking with delight - absolute pure joy! But the best part, Hettie really believed that a real live fairy who could do real magic had come to visit her and that she (Hettie) did some magic too. It really was priceless! For all you Melbournite Aussies, if are are looking for the ultimate Fairy - Twinkletoes is the one! The whole party was enchanting.
Here is the birthday girl
The Fairy Circle was a BIG hit!
I asked some of Loughie's friends to help me out - they fitted the little fairies out with tiara's, dangle earings, marabou scarves, sparkle nailpolish and sparkle hairspray - I don't know who enjoyed it more...the little girls or the big ones!
Here is Hettie receiving her winds, wand and tiara - Hettie was enchanted.

The captivated audience
Hettie helping out with some magic
The happy customers!
And of course I'm sure you are all dying to see a close up of the party do! I knew Hettie woudl be receiving her tiara from Twinkletoes so I wanted something that would work well with that.
So we went with the criss cross corkscrews from the other day and some extra criss cross twists at the back.
Start with 6 piggies - two small ones at the front, two small ones at the nape of the neck, and bigger ones in the middle. Do you corkscrews at the front and attach them into the big middle piggies with elastics. Then take the tiny piggies at the back and twist one and cross it over to the opposite big piggie and repeat - you end up with a nice diamond in the middle of the head. Alternatively you could do the two little piggies at the back as corkscrews. Finish with messy piggies and you have a hairdo fit for a fairy!


Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Fantastic! It looks like everyone had sooo much fun. And the fairy idea is great. Wish they had something like that around here. Like I said before, I think living at your house must be purely magical!

Brigitte said...

wow, das war ja eine Traumparty.
Wunderschöne Bilder , herrlich !!!

liebe Grüße

Missy said...

Wow! What a special party you planned for Hettie. I wish Twinkletoes had transcontinental fairy dust!

Unknown said...

Wow wonderful photos Great Party and cute fairys....have a nice day Jaike

Anonymous said...

OH MY! That is the most beautiful little party I have ever seen. It looks like a fantastic time. Hettie must have been in absolute heaven - and her mama too. :D

Marion (SiMa) said...

Wahnsinn - boah, das war ja wohl wie in einem Traum. Absolut gelungen.

Liebe Grüsse, Marion

nic said...

what a splendid party! hettie looks like she was born to wear those wings. you rock, cree. :)

xoxotova said...

amazing! jeena was impressed w/ the REAL fairy! wish they could play oh what fun we'd ALL have! you are so inspiring!

einchen said...

was für eine tolle rosa-glitzer-party!!!!

lg einchen