Friday, November 14, 2008

Back from self imposed work break

ahhh November, such a time of deadlines - Bowznstuff closes up shop for the year at the end of November so in the next few weeks I must finish up all my sewing, attend all the end of school functions and decorate the house and then attend to some health issues - so all that means I had to take a little blogging break to get some work done - given the turmoil that has rocked the hair blog world in my absence, looks like I chose a good time.
This week sees the last Bowznstuff custom listed for the year - I am tryyying to squeeze in a OOAK but we'll see. As this is the last one for the year - it really did HAVE to be extra special. so after days of being paralysed by indecision, this was slowly born. I took bits and pieces from all the Bowznstuff outfits you've seen this year. If you go to have a look at the auction, keep going right to the bottom and you'll see what I mean. You might recognize that little fairy I appliqued on the bag :) This is the first launch of my new group the Sugar3 (Sugar Cube) so that is very exciting too. We have been interviewed here and to celebrate anyone bidding on a Sugar3 auction will go into a draw to win $50 of sugar cash - to be redeemed on any item from any Sugar3 member - have fun!

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Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

So cute & fun. Yeah, you couldn't have picked a better time to be gone for a while! :) I hope everything w/your health issues and stuff will work out. Looking forward to seeing what you do after your break. Take care. And don't forget -- you Rock!