Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Charity Listing, more Hair Candy and book review

Well the count down is on - in just a matter of weeks Bowznstuff shuts up shop for the holidays. I make it a rule to stop sewing anything new the last week of November and take the whole of December off. So we are really coming down to the wire. Gosh it has been a busy year sewing wise! As we draw nearer to the end, I could not be more thrilled to take part in a charity launch run by the Boutique Angels. The Angels launch regularly each time supportig a different charity. This is my first time launching with the BAC but it certainly won't be my last. The charity for this launch is to benifit children of fallen soldiers and 100% of the proceeds of the whole launch are donated via mission fish to the charity. I had the great pleasure to team up with Patty of key*west*kids - Patty makes the most awesome clothing. When we were deciding what to make, I was scrolling down her me page and couldn't stop looking at her groovy boy pants - so we decided to take a pair of those funky pants and go girlie. Paired with some Bowznstuff cool tops and bow and of course one of Patty's visor I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. Also I forced myself out of my studio and took some outdoor photos. Glad I did :)
You can see our set here

and the reset of the Boutique Angel Listings here.

Also listed today are THE decoupage Valentine's jeans from 2007! I LOVE these jeans - the puffy winged heart is just the ultimate finishing touch - LOVE it! You can see more here.

Also some new Hair Candy - some fall themed Candy here, some valentine candy here and some pink candy here.

Finally I will report on a new hair book I received recently. Both my kids have curly hair - mine is straight but it did used to be curly. I just sort of assumed that their hair would turn straight but fingers crossed not yet. Anyway I was intrigued by this book here. Its called "Curly Girl" by Lorainne Massey and Deborah Chiel. The book has alot to say about accepting your curls and not being ashamed of them or trying to straighten them. Well no problem there on my part at least tee hee. But it is very interesting reading about the care of curls - little tips like not using shampoo - yep not using it! Also how to deal with curls in the morning to make them look good. Its a great book and it has really made me think about caring for Hettie and Loughie's hair. If you've got curly haired kids or curly hair yourself, I would recommend it.


Girly Do Hairstyles said...

I just love you!!! Everything about you! You are so talented and giving to boot! You really are fabulous!

Mindy said...

I saw your blog today. It's cute! Was wondering if you want to do a link exchange. My blog is www.cutegirlshairstlyes.blogspot.com. Let me know!

Unknown said...

I can't believe we are already in "the holiday" stage of the year! Time goes so quickly.
I love those v-day jeans!

It's Me: Jennie said...

What a gorgeous set for the BAC launch! Such a wonderful group, always for a great cause! I always feel so good bidding on the BAC auctions!! Thank you for taking part Cree, you are so lovely! I will miss you & your fab creations this Holiday season & will be excited to see what you have in store for us buyers in 2009!! Take care sweetie!



nic said...

sweet, sweet collaboration, cree. :)