Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corseted Crown and more Andlucia Love

Something for everyone today :) Lets start with sewing and move on to hair :) So to start with the second of my Andalucia sets - this time another Bowznstuff Petal Top and Applique Jeans set -the theme - Birdie Tea Party. You can see more here.

And a new do - I know I'm over achieving - two new things in one day - what can I say...I'm on a roll. This is a pretty fancy do - special occasion for sure - it would be darling for a Flower Girl but equally lovely for something a bit less formal.

So let me see. Start with a centre part. Working down each side of the head section off the hair and make mini ponies BUT on the last pull through leave a little loop - I made mine quite a big loop but you could easily make it smaller and change the look a bit. So here we are with one pony

And here we are with a whole row.

And from the other side you can see the little loops.

Now repeat on the other side so that when you are done it looks like this.

Now you take a piece of ribbon and here is where the corset part comes in. You could use a large needle with your ribbon threaded through which would be especially useful if you do smaller loops. But seeing as mine were big and I was just playing I just threaded the ribbon through. When you get to the end you pull the bottom two loops together and tie a bow.

You can curl the cascading crown or leave it straight - I think curls work pretty well for this one. The end result is a gorgeous crown with cascading ringlets.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! You are so inventive with these!! I wish Evey would sit still long enough to let me do her hair fancy these days but no such luck.

Anonymous said...

And I meant to say... I'm in love with that set. Those jeans are beyond cool. I love them.

Girly Do Hairstyles said...

What a creative hair idea. And as always... I love the clothes. You are so talented.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Love the outfit and love, love the hair! I will definitely attempt this on my daughter if she holds still long enough :)

Anonymous said...

So adorable. As soon as our baby girl's hair grows long enough, we will give this a try. I can hardly wait.

A. Gama said...

Oh this style rocks! I love it and can't wait to try it. Thanks so much!
Amie @