Monday, January 26, 2009

Easter Dress and growing up.

The weather is REALLY lovely here at the moment. My kids have been on holidays since early December and the weather...preettty unimpressive - but with just days unitl school goes back, here it comes - fabulous, sunny, hot weather! *Sigh* Its a big year for us this year - Loughie will be going into year 5 and Henrietta is just starting. She has been at what we call Kindergarten, like preschool for 2 years but this is her first year of big school. Its the same place where she went to Kinder so the transition isn't too shocking but we did need some new shoes (only just though) Also listed on ebay today - the first of the Bowznstuff Easter Range - A sweet range of eggie dreams! You can see this one here.


Girly Do Hairstyles said...

I want warm weather!!! Beautiful Dress very cute! I wouldn't expect any different from you though.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful indeed, no wonder why those kids smiled that way..