Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pierced Ears, a new do and worrying!

So after much umming and ahhing, umming and ahhing, after reading through all your fabulous answers to my Ear Piercing questions, after worrying and worrying that they would be crooked, today turned out to be the day. Henrietta wanted to do it, I wanted to do it, so really there was no reason why not - no point in putting it off when there really was no good reason to. We went to a little children's' salon which does Fancy hair, manicures, hair and make up parties and ear piercing. The ladies were just lovely and favoured the double gun technique which worked well for us - an yes they are STRAIGHT!!! Yipppeeeeeeee! Just look at that smile - like I said really no reason to put it off!

Also today a new do - Hettie's hair turned out to be quite an ordeal for Pete and my mum whilst I was in hospital - sometimes they would bring her hair box into hospital so I could do it LOL! Since her ballet concert Hettie has favoured the side pony as she had to wear her hair like that in one of her dances and obviously took a bit of a shine to it. Fine by me - I love the side pony - shows off her curls, lots of chance for bows, flowers etc - so we have been a bit lacking in the new do front. However, today, we took a break from the side pony and just did something simple but still smart.

I started with a mini side pony - just can't seem to get away from it LOL! I used the spikey end of the comb to pull a few curls out around the hair line. This would also work with straight hair, or you could pull them out and then curl them. The parting for this is off centre with the majority of the hair being on the side pony side.

I then took the left over hair, pulled out some curls and popped that part into a miny pony at the front of the head with a coloured elastic. Then I just popped a second elastic around the whole pony using pink and green elastics.

I then secured the second little pony into the original mini side pony. Cute simple but a bit more than just on mini pony at the front and it sort of looks like a little caterpillar which is cute :)

I was reading a thread on an ebay board I belong to yesterday and it got me thinking about the topic of worrying. There is a show I love to watching called grumpy old women - it is an English show and features a mostly hilarious group of women talking about what makes them grumpy and various challenges they face in everyday life. It is a good laugh and really tickles my fancy. One lady on the show was talking about worrying and was relating that when she was young she used to love to go on roller coasters - going on them without a backward glance, not a worry in the world. Whereas now, just seeing a roller coaster is enough to send her into a panic about how the roller coaster is sure to derail and then the train is bound to come careering out of the park and land right on their car as they are driving by - - not even that they are anywhere near the fun park, just passing by a roller coaster she feels doomed to suffer some misfortune. Whilst I don't suffer quite the same level of panic when it comes to roller coasters mainly as I force myself NOT to think about the potential for mishaps but I do find myself worrying when really when it all boils down to it - it probably really isn't necessary. Just sitting here thinking about which one of my many worries I might like to share with you I have descended into a furrowed brow state - wondering if I might tempt fate by sharing - that if I tell you what I am worried about it might make it happen. I guess the ear piercing is as good as any an example - I worried this way and I worried that about them being crooked - I have 9 holes in my ears - some I did myself, some I had done, one IS crooked but only because I made the lady squeeze the gun in between a bunch of other earrings. After that I did them myself to ensure they were straight. But that really and honestly was my main reason for not having Hettie's ears pierced - I was too afraid, no I was convinced they would be crooked - I almost KNEW they would be - but then I woke up yesterday and thought about all the millions of people in the world that have their ears pierced and how unlikely it is that they should be noticeably crooked. When Loughie first learned to tie his shoes - BOY did I worry how he would get changed into his sports uniform - oh the scenarios I had created - how the class would be finished and he would still be sitting there trying to tie up his shoe as the rest of the kids arrived back red faced in the change room. But of course no he was fine - absolutely 100% fine - see how I haven't told you anything I really really worry about - much too worried it might make it actually happen. I was talking with my Aunt the other day about how she used to be quite good at diving off the 10m board at her local pool - first up can you imagine there even being a 10m diving board unsupervised at a local pool - hey the 1950's what can you say! And we were saying how now we probably couldn't even climb up a few rungs of the ladder let alone attempt a swallow dive from a 10m height LOL! And do you know the what I consider the worst part of this whole worry thing - I suspect it only gets worse. And do you know how I know - my MOTHER. Mothers worry right - we all know that - we have known that since we were kids - it became particularly apparent during the teenage years as they worried about THE most ridiculous things - hey why can't I go to a nightclub and come back at 2am when I'm only 16 - shhhesh! But the scaaaary thing is, my mother still worries WAY more than me - and as you see I worry alot - as I have gotten more worrisome - so has my mother - we are moving towards paralytic worry on some sort of parallel scale. The more I worry, the more she does. As an example, she used to drive quite normally - NOW when she drives she is constantly con viced that everyone on the road simply exits to com mitt some dastardly dead that will in some way impact HER - she drives along in commentating each perceived near miss until I am a total nervous wreck! I'm tellin' ya - its only going to get worse!
On a happier note - I was reading this article in the paper today about 1950's style bathing suits being in vogue - they had THE most gorgeous bathing suit on the front cover - in anycase - just back there when I typed 1950's it jogged my memory and I have just been off googling 1950's bathing suits and happened across the best store - check THIS out. How cute is this!?


Princess Hairstyles said...

This is SOO weird! I got my daughter's ears pierced this last Friday!! It's all she wanted for her 6th birthday. I had the same worry about them being crooked. But, of course they came out just fine. Your post cracked me up. I'm glad you're feeling up to blogging again.

Joann said...

I honestly think it's a mother's job to worry. I worry abut everything and my mom? sounds like you understand.
Now, about the ears...beautiful. I have wanted to get my little girls' ears pierced for some time, but I won't do it until she/they ask for it. So, I'll keep you posted. But, if my girls are as smily and happy as your little Hettie, well then, I guess it's worth the wait!

Creative Works by Ann said...

Hettie's little ears look so sweet!! I'm glad the experience went well and that you were both ready to go forward with it. :)

Anonymous said...

no offence but these hairdews are really weird but hettie is adorable