Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fabrications and Ballet Hair

I had alot of fun this week, diving headlong into my fabric stash and coming up covered in more than a few threads, finding a few pieces of long lost fabric, marvelling at what on earth I could have been thinking when I bought some and ending up at the end of it all with a big smile in my face, clutching some real gems - collected from all over the world, some old, some new all fabricationally fabulous! You can see the strip work dress here , the knit set here, and the bows here

Also Ballet season is back and with that comes some more ballet hair. A simple take on side buns. I started with low piggies that sit just on top of the ear - I find these super cute for messy piggies and they also work well for buns.

Start with a middle part with a t-part at the front as shown. Make two low piggies.

And then take the two front sections and make a small braid and pop the piggies inot ballet buns. More detailed instructions for that can be found here.

Once they are all pinned up, criss cross the braids at the front, wind them around the bun and pin them into place.

Add some bows and fluff and voila - cute side buns with a twist!

This parting also works well for the everyday - shown here with messy piggies with the braids pulled straight back rather than crossed over. The braid looped in with the messy piggies is particularly cute.

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Princess Hairstyles said...

I love the sparkles in your pictures! How cute.