Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snapped in Bowznstuff

I had a rather cathartic day yesterday. I'm just going to come right out and say it...I'm a hoarder - not quite so bad that my house is reduced to little tunnels though my stuff but oh I could be like that! However, every now and again I am struck by an urge to purge. So yesterday down came those big boxes at the top of the wardrobe full of everything from my 80's clothes to Hettie's baby clothes and out it went. I reduced 4 boxes to 2 and filled up countless bags from other parts of the house. One of the big problems I have with the big ole heave ho and something that I don't think these organizational "if you haven't used it for 6 months you don't need it" types don't get is that it is not the stuff itself it is the link with the past that I hate to throw away. When I look at a little pair of pants that Loughie wore when he was 2 it brings back a flood of memories about that time - places we went when he wore those pants, how I used to feel when I looked at him all dressed up - THAT is what I can't stand to throw away because I am scared that if I do then I will loose those memories too as I won't have that little piece of stuff to remind me of them. There is hope for me, however! I do find that I don't need quite so much STUFF to jog my memories - just a few key pieces - ie one or two pairs of little boy pants rather than every pair he ever wore!

So out with the old and in with the new as they say. Lots and lots of new ideas on the go at the moment. I have to be careful as I get so excited about the ideas phase I sometimes hae a teensie bit of trouble following through - oh if you only knew of all the good ideas you guys have missed out on because I couldn't bring them home. On this list of new ideas are some new fun things for the blog. One if in the preparation phase but this one, today's one is all ready to go. Its called "Snapped in Bowznstuff" Each "snapped" post will feauture some of my Bowznstuff Girls, snapped out and about town in their Bowznstuff!

So to kick us off - check out these two Rapunzel cuties - sporting their fabulous applique jeans and their OH SO CUTE Bowznstuff Tutu's - its a winning combination, especially when you pair it with a funky Princess Halter. Audrey and Gracie you ROCK your Bowznstuff!


Anonymous said...

haha Cree I am married to a hoarder - I make him keep his 'stuff' in the garage!

Two of the sweetest Rapunzel-wow!
hoganfe handmade
handbag originals

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

I think everyone has a little bit of the "hoarder syndrome" in them. I think, especially as a mother, it is even harder. I hear ya totally! I love the pic of you too. You're just darling! And of course, so are the 2 little gal's sporting your amazing stuff!