Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Hats and other ramblings

Sheesh! How does this happen - I think to myself - ahhh I'll blog tonight and then I think, oh no, I'd better wait a day or two and then whamo an entire week has passed! Not to worry, not to worry. So first up about a week ago as I was dropping the kids of at school, mainly shuffling around trying to look awake and with it when really our morning routine or lack thereof usually leaves me feeling more like I've been hit by a bus, reversed back over and then slapped around the face with a wet dishcloth just for good measure. Next term I WILL get up earlier and I just know I'll be the picture of calm, floating effortlessly through the morning routine - laying my finger on each piece of required school uniform without giving it a second thought, knowing exactly when it is library day - heck I may even have time to sit down and flick through the paper safe in the knowledge that we are all ready to go. Anyway as I shuffled about I spied a little handmade notice which made my heart skip a beat - "Easter Bonnet Parade" I can't explain exactly why these events send me into a little spin of excitement but they do - Easter Hats, Book Days, Crazy Hair Days. However, along with the surge of excitement comes a little hint of stress. Do I have enough time, what should I/we make/wear/do. Plus I do have a bit of a reputation to live up to and then there is the fact that I spend my days making things for children all over the world to look fab and feel special in, so I feel absolutely duty bound to shower my own children with the same attention. I left my run a bit late BUT this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. By the time I got to my fabric/craft shop they had SOLD OUT of anything remotely Easterish. Not even any appropriately coloured marabou or feathers - I was at one stage considering a purple Chicken. The blessing....well it forced me to start from scratch which was ultimately better and I was saved at the last minute when I discovered a meter of lemon feather boa hiding under the cutting desk. I think I managed not to appear too maniacal when I dived under the desk, grabbed the boa and asked, nonchalantly if "this was on hold" Be still my beating heart - it wasn't so home I trudged with a bag of yellow feather boa, some suspicious looking grassy stuff, some flowers and some bright yellow fur. The yellow fur turned into two chickens and the grass made a nice nest for Loughie's hat and the feathers, well I think you'll agree, the piece de resistance of Hettie's. Loughie's is set on his Goofy Hat - a rather fine base I must say and Hettie's is set on a pink cowboy hat - deceptively simple, 100% cool :)

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Frileluna said...

Das sind ja tolle Bilder und diese Hüte sind einfach gigantisch schön.

GLG Frieda