Monday, April 6, 2009

Clumsiness is next to Tinkishness

Clumsy old me. I have a rather odd habit - well many rather odd habits - but this one has been giving me the pip lately. I don't know if you'd call it clumsiness so much as fumbling, pfaffing perhaps...dithering even.... I kid you not when I say that 90% of my cash transactions in stores involve me at some point dropping change. 5% involve me somehow inducing the shop assistant to drop my change and approximately 5% give or take a percent or two go smoothly. And the silly thing is is that I do it to myself - even though I know I fumble and drop change, I insist on putting myself in these ridiculous situations where it is just bound to happen. So, for example today I went to buy Hettie a cupcake (did I just say buy a cupcake, no no surely I make all my own cupcakes) nope well today I bought one. The little cupcake shop was heaving with the lunchtime crowd (they do a fine line in tarts and pies too) so I sort of had to edge my way in. Plus I was carrying Sushi and Rice Paper rolls and had them rather precariously balanced AND I was sort of trying to act like I wasn't carrying said Sushi and Rice Paper roll as I was afraid that the nice cupcake ladies might be offended that I hadn't chosen an egg and bacon pie instead. So anyway I edged my way up to the counter, trying to conceal my Sushi and asked for the cupcake. $3.50. Right fine, no problem - just have to put the Sushi and the Rice Paper rolls and the dinky little containers of sauce ON THE COUNTER - laying my journey to the darkside right out there for the whole Cupcake Cottage to see. So now I rummage through my purse - wondering if I can get $3.50 out of change or whether I'll have to hand over a $50 note and offend the cupcake people even more. So I go the change route - which involves NINE coins. So as I am counting them out, of course you guess it, I drop one and then am forced to scramble round the floor next to the the jolly luncheoners, leaving the cupcake lady to survey my Sushi, probably get a good whiff of it even and most likely take a good ole dislike to me. So see knowing me as you think I might by now, I should have just handed the $50 and run - but no wait, imagine how many coins that would have been, I would surely have dropped them, heck I might have even dropped my Sushi, on the cupcake 50's retro laminate floor AND they would have had to clean it up - *groan* just IMAGINE how awful that would have been. But guess what else, Hettie was so full from her Sushi she didn't want the darn cupcake anyway.

So from Clumsiness to Tinkishness - Hettie fortunately has not inherited my clumsiness and can strike a post without falling over or dropping anything! I give you Tink!

And oh oh oh speaking of Tink - its time for another....drumroll.....

......snapped in Bowzntsuff - check out Lilli in HER special Fairy Set - this was originally created for this special event and apparently was a real showstopper at Disney! Go little Lilli - you ROCK your Bowznstuff!


Princess Hairstyles said...

I love it!

Girly Do Hairstyles said...

Man if I could take even an ounce of your talent you'd still have MORE then enough and I... I would be cool.

Empress' Mom said...

WOW!! Thanks for the special snap shot and link to Lilli's BLOG!! You are just the GREATEST Cree!! I cna't wait to see pictures of the lucky little fairy who wins your latest creation! She and her mommy will be totally mesmerized by all of the extra magical Bowznstuff Pixie Dust!!

June & Lilli