Thursday, April 30, 2009

JoJo, Pigs and Lunchboxes

Ahh I do love an eclectic blog topic! So first up....JoJo. I am NOT kidding when I say I have been meaning to make a JoJo set for the last three years! Today I wrote down my custom list and really it is little wonder it has taken me three years to get round to JoJo. But JoJo is here! You can see her here.

So onto Pigs. We had the pleasure of some little visitors last weekend. Loughie's class has two guniea pigs and each weekend one lucky family looks after them. This was a bit of a challenge for us as we have dogs but I am pleased to report the gunieas survived and BOY oh BOY did the kids like them!

Now onto lunchboxes. Those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know that I am given to whittering on about the bane of my life - aka making lunchboxes. Clearly my cries were so plaintiff that a lovely fellow Twitterer pointed me in the direction of Bento. I feel like a door has opened before me..not a regular door you understand but say if was standing in front of a huge castle with lots and lots and lots of rooms and say some little secret passages, and lots of little nooks and crannies to. I cannot believe I had never heard of the phenomenon that is Bento - you can read ALL about it here. I think this is just what I need - some inspiration to apply creativity and pride to my daily lunch grind - plus some cool little gadgets wouldn't go astray!

Wouldn't you love something like this for lunch?

Stay tuned for my Bento adventures!


jude said...

Holy Crow! That Jo Jo is very cute! Great job!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

LOL! I totally thought your pigs comment was going to be about swine flu. It seems to be all anyone's talking about these days.

CUTE stuff! I haven't been here in a while, but my semester is coming to an end and I can actually be sociable again soon!

~Shaye (formerly of Miller Manes, which may start up again this summer)

Katarina said...

I just passed the adorable blog award to you, when you have time, you can stop by my blog to pick it;)
xoxo, Katarina

Anonymous said...

Cree, your lunchbox chatter on FB is so funny! Love that Lunchbox on your blog. Wouldn't that drive you mad to make everyday!!