Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ballet Hair, Rag Doll Dresses and Unicorns.

So here I am, as promised back with lots of news and photos and even a hairstyle! Go me! So lets start with hair. As I mentioned, having survived the shock of Back to School, a little over um 3 months ago I have actually managed to revive my morning hair routine. I've become particualarly partial to rows of knots. I like the knot. I am not so fond of a single knot, but a row of knots, now that is something. First up it is quick and easy - who can't tie a simple knot? Secondly it looks interesting and in a row if you aren't a hair guru you sort of look at it and think...mmmm how did she do THAT - looks complicated! Meanwhile you can chuckle away to yourself knowing all the while that it is just a knot! I like to combine my knots with other little decorative simple styles. My combo style of perference at the moment has been twists. There are so many variations on the knot twist combo that it could keep you busy for weeks! So to start us off, a quick recap on what a knot is.
So you take your section of hair, divide it in half and tie a knot, like so.

Knots are particularly good in damp hair. This is just one knot, to do a row, just keep knotting till you get as far along as you like.

So on Saturday I used the knot twist combo for ballet hair. Usually when I do ballet twists, like most people I do a t-part and do a twist either side leading back into the bun, but really why limit yourself when there is so much more fun to be had. So for this week's style, I sectioned off the back of the hair for a pony tail and then divided the front part into three sections like so.

After putting the back part into a nice tight pony I started with one of the side pieces. You simply twist inwards until you get near the pony and then secure with an elastic.

Repeat on the other side so you have a real Princess line twist going.

And now with the centre piece we are going to knot. Just keep knotting till you get to the pony and secure it with elastics - by this time you will have 4 elastics round your pony. This is perfect for a dance style - nice a secure.

Don't those knots look cool!

So now all is left to do is pop in a ballet bun - you can find instructions here and a bow and voila!

As I said there are so many variations on this style - during the week I had a row of knots on one side and three mini twists on the other like so. You see the possibilities..endless.

Speaking of endless, I have been spending what seems like endless hours at my sewing machine in a bid to clear my custom list. The Bowznstuff List is temporarily closed so at the moment the only way you can get your Bowznstuff is to bid! Two new sets up at the moment...the first is a vintage meets cute Raggedy Ann set - I've been saving that piece of Raggedy Ann fabric used for the knickers forever, I am so pleased to finally reveal it. You can see more here.

And just listed today a Bowznstuff Collaboration between Lula*Bee*Boutique who you can find here and myself. Lula*Bee does among other things the sweetest patchwork skirts and dresses - I love to look at them!
You can find my set here and the matching sister set here.


deconstructing jen said...

WOW! Look at that awesome do! And the lovely set!!!

Now, I'm off to scour your blog for how to make a traditional ballet bun because Evey has a recital coming up and I can't get her hair right.

Anonymous said...

The knots are such a cool idea! I'm a dancer and I like having different hairstyles for ballet as a simple bun can get pretty boring. I used the knots and everyone liked them, I also did them more like a french braid, so gathering new sections of hair into each new knot for something slightly different.