Friday, June 19, 2009

Boutique Custom Fall, giveaway and holidays

Ah yes it may be baking hot outside but in the world of boutique custom girls clothes it is way past time to turn your undivided attention to the Fall wardrobe LOL! Surprisingly and unsurprisngly as the case may be at the start of every boutique custom season, that very first seasonal outfit I make, I think to myself - ah I never want this to end - Summer is particuarly like that. The first summer outfit of the season makes me long for a year long summer season. But then come June I get a hankering for autumnal tones - oranges and browns and lace and cord and velvet and PUMPKINS! So here it is the very first Bowznstuff Boutique Fall outfit of the season complete with all of the above - oranges and browns, lace AND what I personally think may be the pumpkin to end ALL pumpkins - a rather cauute pumpkin hat! You can see more of the set here. This is also part of a Bowznstuff collaboration so you can find the artwork and tote here, the jewels here and shoes here.

There is also a rather fab giveaway going on over at the Sugar3 blog - very simple - just go and check out the Sugar3 auctions here and then go over to the blog here and say which is your fav - some great pizes - including these hairbows plus a necklace and a reversible crayon apron!

Today marks the first day of the mid-year school break - most schools here stick to the standard 2 week break but our school goes for the big cahoona - 3 weeks and 2 days! That means lots of time for fun and more time for blogging about our fun so stay tuned. Oh and one more thing I've had lost of questions lately about Bowznstuff sewing patterns and hairbow instructions - for immediate download you can by them off my site.

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