Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spotted in Bowznstuff and some hairstyle rewinds

Just a quick Spottted in Bowznstuff and better yet not just a spotted in Bowznstuff BUT also available right now as a resell, just listed by the fabulous Ash1084 - a personal fav of mine the Bowznstuff Empire line dress with a sweet 3D washing line. You can see it here.

Here is Miss Audrey strutting her stuff.
Also as we are about to start school holidays and I'll have some more time for some new hairstyles, I have just beeen combin my blog to see what I have and haven't done and found a few handy instructions.
Remember the Bowznstuff Curl Chronicals :) See how to do Bowznstuff Rag curls here.

Or how to do a ballet bun here

Or a sock bun here.

How to do a French Roll here.

Or alternatively if you'd like to have a look through all the different how to hairstyles on the blog click here. Have fun!

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