Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Day fun and old school twirl!

Lets start with Boutique and move onto life :) What's new in the world of online childrens boutique custom designer clothing at Bowznstuff? This week I am all about old school - on the Sugar3 guest board we were chatting about the old days of boutique and it inspired me to make a classic little Boutique number - far too many yards of gathering and ruffles later - this Bowznstuff fabrications jumper twirlie twirl applique dress is the happy result - the first Bowznstuff Christmas listing and a must have for the Holiday season. You can see the whole thing here.

The machines have been whirring lately not just for Bowznstuff auctions but for Book Day too! This year's theme was Book Safari so the little kids had to go as safari animals and the big kids chose a classic book character. Hettie was thrilled as she has wanted a zebra outfit for some time now - just as with crazy hair day my input is purely in the work horse capacity LOL, creative input - zilch! And Loughie - he changed his mind from Jules Verne to...you guessed it - elementary my dear Watson!


Unknown said...

Is very nice you child is very beautiful and dress is very pretty.... You are many talent...

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Oh, that twirly dress is just the best . My girls would go completely ga-ga for that and get totally dizzy in it! :) Love the the other 2 outfits too! Ah, such talent. And I'm just dreading pulling out my machine to hem up a few pair of cut off's for my oldest. I just don't have the talent! :) Wanna come help me?!