Thursday, August 6, 2009

French Braid ballet bun hair how to

Okey dokey, time for a new hairstyle - actually I can't take credit for this one - Hettie's dance teacher's daughter turned upwith this fab creation and let me say I was impressed. Hettie was all too pleased to emulate her idol! So to start with you need to section off the front of the hair and do a French TOP braid across the head. It is a rare moment that I do French braids on Hettie's hair - curly hair can make French Braids hard work - but if her hair is all clean and shiny I am good to go. For the top style braid, rather than braiding under you just braid over. There are lots of French braid tutorials out there so I'll point you here if you need further instruction.

So after the French braid you already have a great hairstyle. But it was ballet day so we needed to keep going. I stopped the French braid about three quaters the way across her head. Then you take a thin piece of ribbon and thread it through a large needle. Start at the elastic end and criss cross the ribbon right along the braid and then back down again. How pretty does that look!

You then sweep the rest of the hair into a pony. Again pop the braid into the pony and a great hairstyle. But we weren't finished yet!

Next up you wind the pony hair into a bun and secure it with a pin - you can find further how to do a ballet bun instructions here.

Next you take the braid and wrap in around the bun.

After than you finish the bun using the how to do a ballet bun instructions - pop in any decorations and you are ready to impress your dance teacher and be the envy of all the other ballet mums!

And after ballet or if you don't want to do the whole bun thing you have just about the cutest hairstyle around!


Unknown said...

Hi.. i love you daughter she is very very pretty and beauty....

Unknown said...

Isn't she just adorable with that hair do!

Abbie said...

so cute i love it!!! there was a girl at my school who had a hairdo sort of like that but with the french braid she did really silvery shiny ribbon it looked really cute and i think she three barreled the pony tail but it was way cute!!! i love this hairstyle! your daughter looks great with it!

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All the way from Holland a little surprise on my Blog !
I love your Blog so therefore this award !