Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bowznstuff new set and new directions AND GIVEAWAYS

Sorry I've been away from my beloved Bowznstuff Blog lately - you know how sometimes you bumble through life juggling things in a fairly satisfactory manner and then somedays you keep tripping over, dropping the ball, smashing the plate, chasing your tail. That's been me lately so I've made some changes and straightened a few things out. First up for my Ebay friends, it is official, I am now Group Independent - I think we can all agree that the world of Boutique Custom on Ebay has changed enormously in the past year - I mean it is always changing but this year the change has been monumental. Bowznstuff needs to change too, to survive in this ever changing environment, to morph and most importantly to make sure I can keep doing what I do - provide magical clothing for beautiful princesses! Leaving Sugar3 is just part of this change. It is still a work in progress so I'll keep you posted.
There are now more chances than ever to get your Bowznstuff on.
On Ebay we have this explosion of color with a VERY cute hat. You can see it here.

And on Etsy Berry fans will be delighted as will those looking for a special holiday portrait dress - find them here.

There are two great giveaways going on too. First up I need to move my Bowznstuff Facebook group into a Facebook page - first aim 500 fans. We had nearly 400 in the Bowznstuff group so it shouldn't take us too long. When we reach 500 there will be 3 Bowznstuff Ebooks to give away - your choice of Hairbows or sewing. Just pop on over here and become a fan.

Also over at This is Boutique there are two $25 Ebay gift vouchers to be given away when we reach 900 fans so pop on over and join up there too. Click here.

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