Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Bowznstuff!

It is a rather big day banner day in the Bowznstuff camp...tis the day that the annual Bowznstuff Punk Christmas set is listed!
Before we take a look, lets recap.
In 2006 Santa rocked!

In 2007 we saw the still requested Rudie Rocks set.

2008 saw us all humming along to "Santa Claus is coming to town"

And in 2009 Bowznstuff revisits Rudie with a whole new take - Santa asks "Won't you drive my sleigh tonight" to which Rudie replies "Why sure I'd love too". Meanwhile all of the other reindeers who used to laugh and call him names "swoon", declare that they heart Rudie and proclaim that "Rudie Rocks". You can see the 2009 set right here.

And don't forget to join up the new Bowznstuff Fan page. I had to convert my old Facebook group into a Fan page - we had 400 in the old group and our first aim for the new page is 500! Prizes to be won along the way! Join here.


Princess Hairstyles said...

Along with the adorable clothes, it's fun to see how much she's grown up over the last few years!

ananya said...

so cute!Its nice to see her growing with these pretty dresses.

★BUNTIG_Svenja★ said...

oh mein gott...deine zuckerschnute ...wie groß sie doch geworden ist...gell...und sie glaubt es kaum..dass es noch geht...immer hübscher...;O)