Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where in the world is Bowznstuff?

This has been without a doubt my longest blog and sewing break EVER! Even last year after almost a month in hospital I managed to take just over a month off. When Bowznstuff turned off its machines and we decorated for Christmas I fully intended to be back behind my machine on the first of January, living pretty much the same life as before, just a year older. However, in the curious way that big decisions tend to unfold, after so many little pieces of a puzzle had been falling into place over the past few years, suddenly the missing piece appeared and the whole picture made sense. For the past three years both kids have been in school during the day - Hettie first in full time preschool and then last year school proper. While they were away at school I sewed, and sewed and sewed and well, SEWED. However, this year for what are probably 100 different reasons we have decided to apply the break, pop off the highway and take a side road and enjoy the view. This year Hettie will be homeschooled. Loughie has decided that he would like to complete his final year of primary/elementary school at 'school' and after that we shall see. I am SO excited about out new adventure and so far everything is going swimmingly. Everything that is except for Bowznstuff! Our Bowznstuff adventure has had to take a back seat while we get our new life sorted out, hence our long absence from the world of Boutique Custom! That and a little vacation thrown in the middle.
Ahh it makes me happy to come back to my blog again. This is Boutique is still going strong and I even have some new hairstyles up my sleeve so hair blogging can recommence :) Stay tuned for some more Bowznstuff news soon AND please make welcome our homeschooling news too.
I'll leave you with a photo of us on vacation.

Hettie and the dolphins
Feeding the Rays
Me and the kids

Meeting Scooby Doo


Angel said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling! I know you will love it as much as I do. Just, relax, enjoy the ride and then find time to create some more fabulousness for my little Gracie! LOL

I can't believe I'm starting Kindergarten with her soon, I'm so excited!


Princess Hairstyles said...

Aw, welcome back! I've wondered what you've been up to. Good luck with your homeschooling! I'm sure it will be great.

Angie Field said...

Welcome back, I've been a reader of your blog for years and was wondering where you disappeared to. All the best with the home schooling, you hardly ever hear of it in Australia. I'm sure you will find it a success for your little girl.
Ange x

Missy said...

Hurray for home school! We home school our 3 and are loving it. I'm sure you'll do great.

Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

I'm glad to see you're still around & that you're staying busy - just with other things. Kiddos take #1 priority - so we totally understand. Good luck w/the homeschooling and everything. Being a mom truly requires us to be good jugglers! :)