Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tea Parties, sewing and writing

We've been hard at work here at Bowznstuff HQ. In no particular order , I've managed to do some sewing *gasp*, homeschooling rocks AND we had a very special tea party today.

On the homeschooling front, this really has been teh best decision for us. One of the big things we've been working on is rebuilding confidence. Writing has been a particular issue, both the mechanics of handwriting (which is absolutley not an issue these days) and the confidence to produce a piece of written work. In an effort to overcome this, I have been making a big deal about progress and using special pages to emphasise that Hettie's writing is wonderful and deserves to be dispalyed beautifully - so far so good but confidence can be fragile and repairing it is a delicate process. Here is Hettie showing off her beautiful writing.

On the sewing front, a new set is made, photographed and just needs to be edited - here is a super sneaky peak with Mr Elephant!

And on the topic of sewing, Hettie had a special tea party of the Alice variety to attend today. I was thrilled when she settled on the Queen of Hearts - here she is all dolled up for the party :)

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