Monday, May 19, 2008

Broken arms and other catastrophes.

Eine Pechsträne nennt man das!!!! Zuerst hat der Pete einensehr kleinen Autounfall. Er war 100% okay aber sein Auto leider nicht. Dann das mit meinem Knie und jetzt hat die arme Hettie einen gebrochenen Arm. Sie war ganz Tapfer und ist eigentlich auf ihren Gips stolz aber sie meint der Arm sei jetzt besser und sagt wir sollen direkt zum Artzt, damit er den Gips wieder wegnehmen kann. 4 Wochen muß sie ihn aber noch tragen. Der Loughie hat seinen Arm, als er 3 Jahre alt war auch gebrochen, also wir wissen, daß es schnell vorbei ist. Sie tut mir aber trotzdem leid.
A run of bad luck, I think we can safely say! First Pete had a little car accident, nothing serious, he was totally fine, the car not so fine but such a small matter in the general scheme. Then of course my knee which is not seeming to get any better at all and now poor little Hettie has broken her arm. Sie has been extremely brave and is kinda proud of her cast but keeps telling me that it is all better now and that we really should get going to the doctor so he can take it off again. Ahhhh a long 4 weeks!!! Well no not that long, Loughie also broke his arm when he was a bit younger than Hettie and in the end it was all over pretty quickly but still, I do feel sorry for her.


Steffi said...

I´m so sorry !Oh no, that are not good news!
But good to hear that your Pete is okay!
I wish Henrietta all the best and hope she feels soon better!

Thank you very much for your nice wishes to Anne!

jen said...

Oh poor little sweetie. She is such trooper. Here's to 4 fast weeks and a full recovery.

Claudia said...

oh arme hettiemaus,ich wünsche ganz schnell gute besserung.

Melissa said...

Oh poor Hettie! Hopefully your run of bad luck is over (they say it happens in threes). Sending lots of get well wishes for your family.

Melissa (aka PoshPunkins)

lavitadream said...

ach die arme, ich mußte zum glück mit meinen 3 kindern das noch nicht erleben.
aber vielleicht wird die zeit kürzer, wenn ihr jeden tag etwas mehr darauf malt. käfer, schmetterlinge, pilze und so weiter, bis er am ende ganz bunt ist. wenn er ab ist könnt ihr die beiden hälften in einen bilderrahmen als erinnerung kleben und im kinderzimmer aufhängen.
herrlich xo andy

Susan Lee said...

Oh NO! Poor Hettie!!
Praying the 4 weeks goes by super fast for her (& mommy!)

ingrid said...

I can sympathise. Lottie broke her wrist at kinder two weeks ago. The countdown is on until her cast comes off.
I hope Miss Hettie heals soon.

Nic said...

ouch! i'm sending quick-healing vibes (and non-itching vibes) your way.


Ich wünsche deiner süßen Maus ganz rasche Besserung.

GLG Frieda

Tayasmama said...

Oh no!!! Poor little Hettie! I had a broken arm once, it sucked. I hope it heals fast :)

Natalee said...

oh my goodness....are you guys the eptiome of "murphy's law" lately or what???DARN DARN DARN!!!
Poor little Hettie...we'd bring her chicken soup and tea-cakes and read stories to her...if only we were a smidge bit closer...
Thank heavens Pete is okay...hopefully YOU are getting better, and all our best to Hettie:)

Sherry L said...

Poor sweetie! Things can only get better:) I know how you feel, Shelby broke the growth plate in her arm a year and a half ago and had to wear a cast for 4 weeks. The good news is that the young one's heal so fast! It will all be fine, you will see:) Big hugs to you and your family,

Brigitte said...

ohhh weh, die arme Maus , aber sie kann noch lachen, das ist schön !
Gute Besserung !!!


Brigitte said...

Mach ihr doch ein paar Stickis drauf, dann sieht er nicht mehr so langweilig weiss aus. Gute Besserung der kleinen Maus

Ute said...

ach du süße! ich wünsche euch allen ganz schnelle gute besserung.

ganz liebe grüße

wendysworldart said...

oh no Cree!!! hopefully you will have only good things happen now! lots of well wishes to you and your family


Clara said...

Oh no...poor baby...I hope it heals faster than expected...and I hope things get better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry to read about Hettie's arm. Hope she gets better soon!

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Feel better Hettie & Cree!! So glad your hubby is ok!! Take care girl! Love the collab with Alla!!


~love said...

awww...poor thing. she still looks adorable though! you all have to have a run of good luck coming soon! =)

xoxotova said...

xoxo's miss hettie! hope you are twirling around soon!