Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hair styles, Hair fun, being little girls

Kann sein, daß ich davon besessen bin - das passiert mir oft und dagegen kann ich nichts machen. Am Freitag habe ich auf eine Freundin von Hettie aufgepaßt und am Ende des Tages wollten die zwei sich frisieren lassen. Sie wollten sich auch schminken und so weiter und sofort. Also mir hat es richtig Spaß gemacht und die zwei Mädels ebenso. Heute habe ich auch eine neue Frisur probiert.

Okay so I am a liiiitle bit obsessed! However, there is simply nothing to be done about it, just better to go with it. I looked after Hettie's little friend on Friday and we rounded off the day with a totally girlie session -puffy braids AND criss cross piggies - looks pretty cool hey! Hettie meanwhile sported puffy zig zag part braids. And today I thought I'd try out a braided crown that I saw here but ended up going a bit mad and rather liked the crazy result! I started off by parting at the centre and then stood behind Hettie and started braiding on the right hand side across the back of the head. Once I got round near the left ear I began just plaiting without the full french braid and then resumed the french braid once I had plaited enough to go over the head and then braided right down the side and across the back - kinda Heidi gets funky!
This is what it looks like from the front and then from the back.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! that looks like fun! I wish mine would sit still long enough for me to experiment like that - but she's rebelling against the simplest of pig tails these days.

Brigitte said...

Kunst am Haar :O) Tolle Frisuren !!!