Thursday, July 10, 2008

tiara style braided headband

Another varation on the braided headband below. I started with the same three braided ponies as the style below and then added one more at the back. A sort of Princess type variation on the braided headband - great for everyday as it is simple, keeps the hair off the face but nonetheless looks really cool!

Noch eine Frisur! Die letzte war mit nur 3 Ponyshwaenzen - diesmal machte ich noch eine hintern - genau richtig fuer eine Prinzessin meine ich! Diese ist auch fuer den Alltag ganz schoen praktisch. Die ist schnell gemacht, funktioniert wie ein Haarband und ist sooo suess!


nic said...

you are one cool mum, cree. my daughter would love you, but unfortunately, she's stuck with me. heheh...

Patty Young said...

Hey Cree!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always so nice to see you!!!

OMG, I've gotten lost in your blog looking through all the awesome hairstyles that you've shared with us. I wish I was "good with hair" but I totally stink at it. My girls are lucky if they get a simple pony out of me. I just have no patience with wiggly little heads that are constantly yelling that I am pulling the hair when I am seriously trying to be sooo careful not to. ARGH!

When people look at the stuff I make (clothing, fabric, food) they sometimes say... "Boy, is there anything you can't do?" and I always answer "HAIR! I stink at hairdos and hair cuts!" (although I know there's a lot of other things to add to that list) ;)