Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simple braided headand with ponies

Heute eine neur Frisur - etwas einfaches aber trotzdem schoen. Man faengt mit einem Zoepfchen in der Mitte des Kopfes an und dann kann man von dem bild relativ leicht sehen, wie es weiter geht.
Ich mache im Moment einen kleinen Urlaub und besuche eine Freundin in Neu Zealand. Wir machen fast nicht aenderes als Kaffee trinken und schwaetzen!. So was schoenes!

Another new do from me today. This time something nice and simple but rather effective as a headband. You start with a small pony in the middle of the head braid it and then pop the braids into two more ponies on either side of the head. Simple but effective and practical. I am on a little mini vacation at the moment visiting friend in New Zealand. We have done pratically nothing else but drink coffee and talk at each other. Okay we have done a few touristry things but only when they can be combined with aforementioned coffee and chatting. Today Anita the poor girl has had to go into work, so I thoght I'd spend a bit of time catching up on my emails, blogging an then do a bit of shopping. Just fabulous.

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