Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weaving twists and braids

Two play dates meant two style got an outing this week! The first was a simple variation on weaving..lets call it a half weave twist. So I started sectioning off the front of the hair in a T - with a part down the middle and a part right across the head about a third of the way back. Then I did two little ponies either side of the part. I divided these in half and popped half in another pony either side of the first two. Then I did a small pony behind the T at the base of the centre part. I took the two outer blue ponies and twisted them securing them with an additonal elastic to the little pony (the one where the barrette ist). The extra part of the divided original pony I let hang free. I've included some illustrated instructions below.

This is how it looks at the side/back.

Here are some instructions

And then today we had some more twisting fun. This one was a liiiittle bit trickier. But basically I started with a weave but only using the centre of the head. The first row of weaving is in green and the second is in organge. Once I'd gotten to the second row I picked up the divided part of the two greeen side ponies that was hanging free and the loose hair at the sides and twisted in up and used more elastics to secure the twists onto the centre back pony. The twists go in front of the orange row of ponies. The to finish off I picked up tow pieces from under the hair right down at the base of the neck and braided them, pulled them upwards and used elastics to secure them to the two outer orange ponies

Here are the side under-braids
Looks pretty cool from the back!
My final analysis - time consuming but looks more complicated than it is - very cute - onlookers extremely impressed and very durable - survived several hours of intensive play incuding trampline and lots of rolling around.


WasserMilchHonig said...

liebe cree

scheu einmal in meinem Blog


erin said...

Gorgeous outfits, as always!

Love the fun updos!!! I am not that talented with hair :P