Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hair Candy Giveaway, Meatloaf and new Bowznstuff

So first up we are well overdue for a giveaway. This time it is for my blog followers - so if you aren't one - go over the the sidebar and become one - next Wednesday I will choose at random one blog follower to send a very special tin of Bowznstuff Hair Candy - these a tins of fun hair accessories - clippies, beaded barrettes, bows - here's a photo - just as an example.

And next up - a British Invasion!

Some new Bowznstuff -as promised here is the Bowznstuff Punk Set - meet Scarlet Fisk, sister to Yardley Fisk....Fairy Sweet's love interest.
Here are Yardley and Scarlet - could you get two cuter punks!?

You can find the Bowznstuff set here and Tracy's boy set here.

And what makes this whole thing better is that it was a Bowznstuff collaboration with some true Ebay Legends - Kathy of pixie*dust*studios with the tote, and my two fav Tracy's, pb&j*creations AND the icing on the cake as always creme*de*la*gems.

Also Fairy Sweet has a booth all of her very own at the Twilight Market - all her listings start at .99 including this tin of Bowznstuff Hair Candy.

And now as promised....meatloaf. There is this wiiiiieeerd second hand book store near me - so strange! Normally I LOVE second hand book stores, luv em...but this one has a strange kind of vibe ya know?! But I could not resist THIS book when I wandered past last week - how funny is this?

I think my favorite part is the motto...

and I must say I am rather partial to this "technique" tip. "Fare as carefree as meatloaf is pretty much without technique, but here are a few tips to help you turn out a sublime meat loaf every time" Love that!

And just as an example of how odd the shop was - when I went in and took the book to the man who I assumed must be the owner but was deeply engrossed in some really really really strange book, he didn't look at me, just took the book and looked intently inside then handed it back to me and said $9.00. THEN because I was in the middle of the shop where he was sitting not at the counter I had to put my bag on the floor while I scrambled around in my purse for the money and then when I handed it to him, no eye contact, nothing just sat there and kept reading, without giving me my meatloaf book. I just sort of stood there awkwardly for a minute, then still without looking up from his book, eventually he grunted and sort of shoved the book at me. Strange, but worth it for the meatloaf book!


Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Hey! Sorry - I realized I'm not one of your followers - despite totally loving you - so I have fixed that problem! Count me in Cree. Those British outfits are out of this world! You really have got the gift to sew darling! And that meatloaf book - yeah weird! But I love meatloaf so I think it's very cool. P.S. How have you been feeling since all your hospital drama during the holidays?

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Cracking up at your 2nd hand bookstore experience, lol!!!

Kylie said...

Hi Cree - coming over from crafty mamas - have you in my bloglines - but have just gone and hit the button to be on your follower list here - Love the hair bows. You give me inspiration to fight with my DD and get the knots out of her hair on a daily bases.

Thanks Kylie