Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a day!

For the past two days- Hettie has had a bit of a facepainting obsession - given that it is school holidays and that both kids are home and Pete is at work AND Loughie refuses to be facepainted - that leaves exactly two victims - Hettie and myself. Here is a little snap of her handywork yesterday - I cannot tell you how much she enjoyed being on the other side of the camera - it did make me consider if we might reverse rolls entirely - I could happily play all day and she could...well sew????

and here she is at work today.

The other hazard I have had to look out for are these..

toilet paper balls - one never knows when one might tread on one of these little gems or find them for that matter. Yesterday I picked up a parcel that had contained some fabric, thinking it to be empty but was instead bombarded by "snowballs". I tell ya thats what you do to a kid by forcing them to live in Australia - they have to live out their snow dreams with toilet paper!

Oh but the fun didn't end there - after being painted as a black dog and dodging "snowballs" we elected to make cupcakes - and you know it made me think, as it always does - is it even worth baking them - should you not just let the kids eat the entire mixture and be done with it? Maybe just bake one each and let them eat the rest? Out of 36 we got 26 which I think even given the liberal amounts dumped in each patty hints at a fair amount of swipage. (note the day long jammie session)

You can only imagine my joy then when at about 3.00pm I found myself faced with a giant clean up task - face paint, toilet paper sculpting and cupcakes are all very well and good until it comes to clean up time! But in the true spirit of...well I'm not sure what exactly, I approached my clean up with alacrity even deciding to hang it all and give the old trash bin/rubbish bin a good ole once over at which point the lid fell off my cleaning product and splatted all over the floor. And that whole luuurerly experience got me to thinking - should a mother who spends the day letting her kids engage in messy, imaginitive, self directed play be then punished by being make to clean it up - I think not! Clearly what is needed here is some sort of good samaritan hotline which you can call for just such an occasion and some whizz bang cleaning team should arrive at your door, hand you a cup of tea and tell you to sit down whilst they zoom through the clean up singing cheerful songs. Heck I'd even forgo the tea. I'm really not fussy. And then on top of that - should the very same woman who elects to clean the rubbish bin then have to suffer the indignity of the lid falling off her cleaning product - nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
*Giggle* not to worry - the house is clean, we had fun and a jolly old time was had by all :)


Becky @ Babes in Hairland said...

Seriously Cree -- I'm packing the bags now & moving to your house! Will you be my mom! :) It really is a fairy tale fun household you run down under! If my kids saw this post they would be all over it! Love the face paint on you too btw!

Audrey said...

Great idea! I just thought that I would let you know that I have linked you to my blog. Would you mind linking me to yours?
You are very creative! I love the ideas you have!

Susan said...

I'm ROFL at those toilet paper snowballs.. what a fantastic idea!!! I think I need to try that out tomorrow since it's been a whole month since I've had real snow to play with.
I agree... I'm moving to your house too. What a blast you & your kiddos have together!

Empress' Mom said...

Ok I had to come back and look at these images again!! If I've already posted once I'm sorry!! I LOVE these pictures and the spirit of the entire event! Goodness Cree you are just such an incredible person... I just ADORE you to bits!! Thank you so much for your inspiration. Lilli would have such a giggle fit over the TP snowballs and you know how much she LOVES facepainting... almost as much as cupcakes! You're THE BEST!!

June & Lilli