Friday, June 13, 2008

Off with their heads!!!!! Bowznstuff Magical Kingdom Wear - Queen of Hearts

Ahhh Freitag - ich liieeeebe Freitag. Und nicht nur weil es das Ende der Woche ist. Fast 20 Jahre lange habe ich mich am Freitag immer auf Samstag gefreut, weil am Samstag Balletunterricht stattfand. Und heutezutage kann ich mich wieder darauf freuen, da der Loughie und die Henrietta Balletunterricht habe und ich, nun ich kann mit der anderen Balletmütter schwatzen. Gibts nichts besseres . Und und und es gibt nur noch 2 Tagen, bis der Gipsverband weg ist! Freu!!!!! Und nur noch eine Woche bis die Kinder Winterschulfereien haben. Darauf freue ich mich nicht so besonders. Ich finde es immer blöd im Winter 3 Wochen Schulferien zu haben aber so ist es jedes Jahr. Aber ich spreche nur von morgen. Was ist mit heute? Heute bin ich sehr froh, diese Kombi euch zeigen zu können!
Mehr kann man hier sehen.

Ahh Friday. Friday, Friday, Friday! How I love Fridays. And not just because it is the end of the week. For near on 20 years I loved Friday nights because Saturday meant ballet - yaayyyy. and these days I can once again find joy in looking forward to Saturday ballet, not for me but for Loughie and Henrietta - and whilst they dance I can soak in the atmosphere and gabble away to the other ballet mums - ahhhhhhh does life get any better LOL! Plus plus plus just two days until the plaster cast comes off - yippppeeeeeee. But on the downside only one week until dum dum dah daaaaahhhhh - school holidays - I always find it the height of ridiculousness to have THREE weeks of school holidays in the middle of WINTER - and this year obviously just because it peeves me so much the school has decided to make it 3 weeks and TWO days which as another mother said to me with a pained expression on her face - is getting on for 4 weeks! Not that I do not LOVE school holidays - I LOVE us all not having to get rush around and I love to hang out with Loughie and Hettie and do things we wouldn't normally get to do together but really three weeks in the dank dim winter, or rather three weeks and two days - it just peeves me. Why not pop another week or two onto the summer hols or just random week somewhere in the middle of term time. Which just gets me started on why our seasons here in Australia are totally, completely silly. See you guys on the other side of the world, you have it made. In winter, which doesn't in itself have much to recommend itself you have all the excitement of the Christmas season and New Year and I have sampled the Christmas season all over the world and let me tell you Christmas in the middle of summer just doesn't cut it! Heck even your lead up to winter is great, Halloween, thanksgiving, its like a lovely little snowy path leading you through the winter season with lots of fun and distraction along the way. And then in Summer, which really needs no other excitement you have this big long break from school and acres of fun. Its just spaced out much better - all our fun is jam packed into a few months and then NOTHING. We have summer, our big long school break, Christmas, New Years all jammed into December/Jan, then hot on the tail of that Easter and then bleakness, nothing, no fun, no distraction until the next December - I am telling you badly organized - very badly organized!
But I digress - rather badly! What I really wanted to say was that I AM grateful today not just for the fact that it is Friday BUT also for the fact that I have this rather FAB set to show you.
Rock on Bloggers!
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nic said...

cree, you are cracking me up!

svenja said...

oh...cree..., wieder mal einfach Z*U*C*K*E*R*---süüß---
verzauberte grüße
svenja ;O)

Frileluna said...

Da hast du ja wieder ganz eine schöne Kombi genäht.
Freut mich, dass deine süße Tochter endlich den Gipsverband wieder herunter bekommt.

GLG Frieda

Eva said...

Henrietta VIII...who wouldn't love to change the course of history...;)
Looks like your girl won't loose her head over nothing...:)
Lovely set!
LG Eva